Our Monthly Service Averages

Tire and Wheel Services 60%
Lube, Oil and Filters 94%
Belts and Hoses 60%
Tune Ups and Maintenance 86%
Engine Diagnostics 92%
Brake Repair 87%
Air Conditioning 89%
Engine and Transmission Repair 68%


  • "Not to bore you with the details, within just a few short hours my backup transmission is fully installed, and although we went over the expected timeframe due to my clutch not cooperating, MSAS honored our original quote. MSAS beyond that went and got all the parts necessary and took full time to make 100% certain everything functioned and went back together and i was satisfied before letting me take off. This company isn't only convenient and affordable, they genuinely care about you, your safety, and they are mindful of your wallet. Many other shops i've dealt with will try to sneak some fees in or sell me jobs i don't need. MSAS not only did the job they were hired to do, but checked everything else and informed me of other soon-to-do tasks i should consider. Not once did i feel pressured or suspicious."

    James S.
    1998 Honda Civic LX
  • "I have been using Midnight Speed and Sound for about a year now. The convenience alone of this home-bound service is wonderful. I'm a busy college student trying to balance working, interning and school and used to have to have my car in the shop for the entire day; midnight speed and sound usually finishes in a couple of hours. Great service."

    Alexia V.
    2007 Mazda 3
  • "Had a brake issue in the middle of a snow storm on one of the plow trucks. Midnight Speed and Sound not only drove out in blizzard conditions to help but was extremely kind about it and did not complain a bit... even though it took a few tries to get to the right place due to horrible directions on my part! When i'm in a tight spot i know i can count on Mike to be there with great customer service and a great attitude! Highly suggest this company for all your automotive needs."

    Angelica B.
    1994 Ford Super Duty 450
  • "I loved that Mike was able to come to my home and I could have my car serviced in my own driveway while I stayed in the house in my pj's drinking coffee and getting my son ready to school. Definitely beats sitting at a shop for hours at a time or dragging your kids out with you waiting in a room until your car is done. Thanks Mike and Midnight Speed and Sound for the quick, reliable service and peace of mind! Plus they're working towards being a green company which is nice also!

    Kathryn. K
    2011 Nissan Versa
  • "Best mechanic I've ever had! Comes right to you to work on your car and can work around your schedule. Gives honest advice on what's needed and doesn't overcharge. I recommend Midnight Speed and Sound to all my friends and family."

    Sarah M.
    2008 Ford Escape Hybrid


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